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We want you!

iTzLife a posted Nov 4, 14

Rockstar Editor

If you want to join us, visit us on discord: or press the button on the right

Enjoy your stay!


New Back-up Voice Chat

Nikita a posted May 29, 16  -  DiscordTS3

Rockstar EditorRecently some of us noticed our back-up TeamSpeak 3 server from Enjin was having some issues: members would connect to a random server.

After noticing that our old back-up server with the prefix "ts", instead of the main "ts3" didn't properly redirect, I figured we needed a more reliable fallback address. But not just anything would suffice.

I figured we would need something anyone could access - anywhere, and since TeamSpeak 3 doesn't have good support for mobile devices, especially the IOS ones, we had to prompt for something else. Read all about it in this forum post.

It is time for some new content

Nikita a posted Apr 14, 15  -  GTA V

Rockstar EditorAfter a few delays, it has finally been released on Steam: you all know what game I am talking about. This post isn't necessarily news, like you're used to from tJa. I just wanted to get a new post in and point out a few things.

TeamSpeak channels have been created to accommodate our GTA V players. And as a reminder: there has been a Grand Theft Auto forum available, though now is the right time to make use of it by sharing interesting stuff with your fellow members.

On another note, our YouTube channel has not seen content in quite some time now, which is partially my fault, because I was planning on releasing videos, but got caught up doing other things. Though I call out to you guys to make creative use of the new Rockstar Editor for GTA V and post your videos on our channel.

To end this post, I just wanted to mention that if there is some way we can support the members playing GTA V, then leave a comment, make a forum post or poke a CM on TeamSpeak and clarify what you think should be done.

Freerunning and zombies

tJa posted Feb 1, 15  -  Dying Light

dying_light_game.jpgDying Light, a new game by Techland WB. It is an action survival game presented in a first-person perspective.

The game is set in a vast and dangerous open world. During the day, you roam an urban environment devastated by zombie like creatures, scavenging for supplies. At night, you become the prey as the zombie like creatures grow in strenght and speed. Surviving until dawn will be tricky!

Release Date: January 27, 2015. For more info Visit their website.

Blizzard is launching their first FPS game Overwatch in 2015! Overwatch is a first-person fantasy shooter with a lot of diversity.
The developers have already added 12 different champions/heroes with each their own unique abilities - even the basic attacks are unique! And four roles exist: the tank, the support, the offence and the defence.
Temple of Anubis
The game features 3 maps: King's Row is a Payload map, these Payload maps are based on 1 team attacking to move trough the map and the other team has to defend and make sure the timer runs out before the attacking team gets to the objective point. The other 2 maps are Point capture and called: Temple of Anubis and Hanamura.
This game will have a lot to offer, especially team-play wise. Check out the official website for some previews
The closed beta will be start off on 15 january 2015!
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